We sell Showgirl/Bowtie Chickens,  We also sell eggs locally.   We sell Red Golden Pheasants,  Red Amherst (mixed) and other birds.  If interested, Contact us about buying birds or any other animal we have here.

If you have a question about any of our animals or one that you have purchased from us, please call or e-mail us and we will do our best to help or find an answer for you.

Ornamental Pheasants

We raise 4 types of Ornamental Pheasants, Impeyan, Red Golden, Yellow Golden, and Lady Amherst,  We sell chicks every summer/fall at the ranch.


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Donn and Georgia welcome you to our hobby ranch.  We raise Black Angus cattle, Miniature Sicilian Donkeys, Fainting and Pygmy Goats.  We also raise Peafowl, Ornamental Pheasants, and various chickens.  We sell eggs locally on the honor system.  We have 2 cats and live in Northern Colorado, NW of Ft. Collins at 7000'. 


Retirement in the Mountains

We are enjoying our time on the ranch.  We care for the horses and all the varmints here.  It keeps us busy but we find time to go riding in the area.  We also travel all over riding our gaited horses, Ryder and Red.

Dinky Donks

We  raise Miniature donkeys and sell 4 babies a year. They are imprinted to humans from birth, and we handle them everyday here.  They are good watchdogs and protect our other animals

Ranch Tours by request 

If you would like to visit the ranch, we usually give tours on weekends, when available.  Contact us through e-mail or Facebook at Peak 2 Peak Ranch.

Peafowl for sale

We have many colors and variations of peafowl.  We hatch chicks and have them for sale in late summer and fall here. 

We sell the following

Cattle Ranch

We raise Black Angus cattle here on the ranch.  We graze them locally and we have them processed in Kersey.  You can order by the  quarter when we harvest annually in mid-summer.

Member of United Peafowl Association, 

If you have a question about peafowl, check" www.peafowl.org"  or go to "Facebook" and the "Peacocks only" page.